No matter if you are 7 or 70, at BE Orthodontics we have the treatment you need to help achieve a smile you love! Our doctors and team have years of experience working with a wide range of patients with diverse orthodontic needs. We have various appliance options designed to provide the results you deserve while fitting into your budget and lifestyle. We have one office in Smyrna, GA. Schedule an free consultation now. You are sure to have fun and feel relaxed, happy and welcome whenever you visit us!

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About Orthodontic Care

Orthodontics for Children

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should visit the orthodontist by age seven, when they have both baby and adult teeth. This helps the orthodontist correct problems with the teeth and jaw nonsurgically. By beginning orthodontics early, we can encourage the permanent teeth to erupt in the right position as well as prevent overcrowding.

Children should see the orthodontist if they:

Are losing their baby teeth early or late
Are struggling to chew their food
Are sucking their thumb or finger
Have overcrowded or impacted teeth
Are experiencing jaw popping
Are excessively breathing through their mouths
Have teeth that aren’t coming together properly
Have jaws or teeth too large or small for their face

Orthodontics for Teens

If you are a teenager that needs braces, don’t stress! Braces are nothing to be worried about; in fact, today you have many options for the kind of braces you choose, including metal, clear and Invisalign®! The amount of time you will need to wear your braces depends on your unique situation, and on whether or not you received early treatment, the amount of treatment you need to correct your smile, and how well you take care of your smile while wearing your appliance.

Orthodontics for Adults

At BE Orthodontics, we know that it is never too late to begin orthodontic treatment! Whether you want braces because of a misaligned smile or just because you are self-conscious of your smile, we are here to help. Many adults come to us because of overcrowding or gaps between the teeth, jaw pain, or an incorrect bite. At our practice we offer clear and metal braces as well as Invisalign®, so you can choose the best option for you!

As an adult, your jawbones are not still developing. This does increase the risk of needing orthognathic surgery to correct jaw bone issues. In addition, adult teeth may be worn down or shifted out of place, or you may be experiencing periodontal disease. Our doctors understand the difference between child and adult smiles and treat accordingly!

About Our Office

Office Visits

Complimentary Exam

During your first appointment with us, you or your child will receive a complimentary consultation. At this appointment, one of our doctors will provide a thorough examination of the teeth and mouth to determine the existing orthodontic problems. Then, we will discuss treatment with you, including the time it will take and the cost. You will then be able to decide if you will begin treatment.

Records Appointment

If you decide to begin your treatment, we will then make records that will help us determine a plan. These records include medical/dental history, clinical exam, study models of the teeth, photos of your teeth and face, and x-rays. Each treatment plan is customized to your unique needs based on these records, and they also allow us to track your progress during treatment!

Regular Appointments

Next, we are ready to schedule an appointment for appliance placement! These appointments usually take an hour, and afterwards you will need to visit our office every four to eight weeks for adjustments, which generally take about half an hour. We only take patients with appointments, and we ask that you please come to your appointment on time. If you need to reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible.

Financial Information

The cost of orthodontic care depends on your individual needs and the treatment you receive. During your initial appointments, we will discuss the cost of treatment and the payment plan options you available to you, so that you are always informed and can make a decision that works best for your family Our team is dedicated to working with each patient to create a payment plan that works for their smile and budget and with three payment plans available we’re certain you’ll find one that works for you!


Our staff will work with you and your insurance provider to handle claims and paperwork and make sure you are aware of your insurance benefits.

Affordable Payment Plans

Everyone deserves a functional, beautiful smile! At BE Orthodontics, our team is committed to helping you afford the care you need and deserve. We accept most major credit cards and insurance plans.

We also offer third-party financing options, including OrthoBanc and CareCredit. These options allow you to immediately begin treatment while making low monthly payments. You can finance up to 100% of the cost of treatment! You will receive several options for payment and won’t be hit with any upfront costs or annual fees.


If you would like to write us your own testimonial, just ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next visit. We love to hear what our patients have to say!

“Anyone considering orthodontic treatment will be thoroughly satisfied with BE Orthodontics. I evaluated five orthodontists and chose BE Orthodontics with no regrets!!!!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“BE Orthodontics is awesome! The individual care, consideration and professionalism is magnificent. I think I’ll get braces again :)!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“We have been coming to BE for several months and are wonderfully satisfied. From the front desk to the back, everyone here is always extremely kind and considerate. We love working with everyone here and would recommend them to everyone. If you are looking for quality people who treat your children the way you can appreciate, this the place! :)”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“My daughter Madison has been coming to BE Orthodontics for two years now. The staff is amazing and the doctors informative. They have made Madison’s braces affordable. I highly recommend BE Orthodontics!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“We have been patients of B.E. Orthodontics for the past 12 years and I could not be happier. They keep you informed every step of the way. Keep up the great service!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“BE Orthodontics has been awesome during my daughter’s visits to their office. It has been a painless experience. Will recommend to all of my friends and co-workers!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“Going into braces as an adult can be a scary proposition! Dr. Carter held my hand, helped me through many adjustments and turned my smile into something I am proud of…:-))”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“The BE family are professional, wonderful and friendly. With every visit, I know exactly how my progress is coming along. I love you BE!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“BE Ortho has been my choice for orthodontics for the past six years. Three children later–still using BE Ortho. Very friendly office staff and professional. Good with children of all ages and will continue to recommend.”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“The staff at B.E. Orthodontics has always been helpful, knowledgeable and kind. My second child is now in braces and it feels like family here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“It was a great experience. They answered all of our questions and always help me to make sure my teeth would look perfect when I got my braces off!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“BE Ortho has been like a second home to our family. The doctors and staff have always been easy to work with and tremendously helpful. In fact, our younger daughter can’t wait to start Phase I (early) treatment! :)”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“BE Orthodontics provides a pleasurable experience at every visit.”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“You all are AWESOME!!! I appreciate all the hardwork you all have done for my son’s teeth!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“The BE staff has been wonderful to work with! Made my experience with braces a very pleasant one. Simply love the staff!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“As a former patient and the parent of a current client of BE Ortho, I have nothing but high praise for them. They are always professional, the staff is efficient and always friendly. Always a pleasant experience!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“My name is Romullo da Silva and I’m a patient in this office. I’m very happy with my treatment and the excellent service that employees give me.”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“Everyone does a great job. Can’t wait to see my beautiful smile. Thank you!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“BE Orthodontics is FANTASTIC! The whole staff is professional, personable and always willing to answer your questions. Great group of people who really know how to make you smile.”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“Wonderful practice! Friendly and flexible staff. Convenient hours. Would highly recommend this practice.”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

“I love this office. Scheduling is always a breeze. All of the staff are friendly and courteous and treat you like family at every visit. I would and do recommend this office to everyone I know!”
– Patient of BE Orthodontics

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